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Chattanooga EPA Power Sweeping SolutionsIndustry­Leading Methods, Training and Procedures

Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act, Best Management Practices, Total Suspended Solids (TSS), Phase I, Phase II: The management team at Clean Sweep, Inc. prides itself in staying up­to­date on the latest in ‘regulatory speak.’

We stay familiar with agency regulations and are constantly educating ourselves about the latest information on environmental topics. Our customers reap the benefit of our expertise.

  • Our mandate to our customers is to keep you on track with the latest Best Management Practices regarding what sweeping can do for stormwater runoff pollution abatement and mitigation.
  • We emphasize ongoing management education and training to keep up with the latest local, state and federal regulatory information.
  • We are committed to being leaders in the industry as a top echelon sweeping company, always at the forefront of industry methodology, equipment and information.

Experienced, Trained Operators for an Outstanding Level of Service

Our municipal and construction sweeper operators have many years of experience and are highly trained at the type of sweeping they will be doing for you. Further, they will arrive on your jobsite as scheduled and be in a well­maintained sweeper designed for the work at hand. We understand that sweeping is an integral part of an overall operation, and take every precaution available to ensure we are never the ‘weak link’ on the job.

  • Employees of Clean Sweep, Inc. are motivated to perform at a high level.
  • Our ongoing professional training programs enable us to offer the most thorough and reliable service procedures available.
  • Our employees are proud of their company and their work. You’ll see this enthusiasm reflected in their attitudes and quality of work.

 Chattanooga's Well Maintained Power Sweeping Fleet from Clean Sweep, Inc.

We Have a Well­ Maintained, Late Model Sweeper Fleet

  • We offer both heavy­duty air and broom sweepers to our municipal and construction sweeping customers. This ensures you’ll always have the right sweeper on the job, unlike smaller, less professional companies that are forced to send whatever sweeper they happen to own onto a jobsite.
  • We have the capability of maintaining dust suppression even in sub­freezing weather, which means we can stay on the job when other companies have their fleet parked.
  • Because of the extensive size of our fleet, we are able to maintain a backup sweeper, available by radio, for immediate service in the event of a breakdown.

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    Cindy Phillips, CSM, Atlanta Regional Property Manager
    "I have managed commercial properties for over 20 years and I am always pleased to recommend contractors that perform with excellence and continually go above and beyond their contracted scope of work. Cleans Sweep is one of those rare contractors."

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