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Most people believe that the only purpose of street sweeping is to remove dirt, debris and leaves from a street or other paved surface. While litter and debris removal is very important, the purpose and benefits of street sweeping go well beyond simple cleanliness.

The Benefits of Street Sweeping

The overall benefits of street sweeping can easily be divided into three simple categories that benefit the overall community. Here are some examples.


The overall health of a community is extremely important. Whether it is the water we drink, the food we consume, or the air we breathe, good health is a primary component of any local community.

  • Hazardous material – One very important way street sweeping helps improve the health of our community is through removing harmful or hazardous materials from our streets. These harmful materials can include heavy metals, organic pollution, harmful nutrients, chemicals, and so much more. It is estimated that approximately 1,100-2,100 tons of material is swept up annually per street acre. 
  • Environment – It isn’t commonly known, but one significant benefit of street sweeping stems from the removal of harmful metals and pollutants from roadways that can enter our air and water supplies. In these ways, sweeping helps preserve the environment in our communities. 


Improved safety is of the highest value in any community. Street sweeping results in improved safety in our communities and neighborhoods. 

  • Public safety – Public safety should always be of the highest concern for all local residents as well as drivers traveling through and people visiting our community. Sweepers remove roadside debris, which improves road safety and reduces the rate of vehicle accidents.
  • Runners, Pedestrians & Cyclists– The presence of debris on streets or paved paths is a real hazard. If not swept away regularly, these items can become obstacles and slip or trip hazards for pedestrians, runners, and cyclists. Regular sweeping prevents these unnecessary accidents and injuries.  


Street sweeping is often viewed as a short term solution for debris and litter on paved surfaces. When one takes a step back and looks at a longer term view, it is easy to see that street sweeping plays an important part in the preservation of our pavement and wildlife. 

  • Pavement protection – Street sweeping is about protecting and preserving your pavement investment for the future. A regular sweeping schedule on all paved surfaces will help remove debris that wears out pavement and significantly extend the life of your pavement investment, saving you money over the long term.
  • Wildlife preservation – Regrettably, the United States has one of the highest average rates of trash and litter per person. Street sweeping eliminates plastic litter that could end up harming local wildlife. 

Simply by encouraging your local community to partner with a trustworthy sweeping partner, you can help measurably improve the health, safety, and preservation of your own community.

Clean Sweep is committed to serving and improving the overall wellness of local cities in our service area. Visit our website and Facebook page to learn about the many ways we can help improve your community.

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 Debris free public spaces, clean streets, and beautiful neighborhoods are but one small portion of the reason why your local street sweeping professionals deserve the utmost respect.

Street sweeping means much more than removing dirt and debris. Sweeping does a great deal to protect water resources, help with flood prevention, and remove pollution that could negatively impact the health and well-being of our entire community.

1. Sweeping Improves The Environment
Visualize how awful your city would look if no one picked up litter, debris and trash. Terrible. Your pets could be picking up and bringing back all sorts of disgusting pieces of refuse.

In a world with no street sweeping, neighborhoods would be unsightly and less healthy. Street sweepers remove unsightly debris and litter and dispose of it in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have best practices and regulations in place that give guidance to street sweepers regarding the collection and disposal of all types of potentially harmful debris, trash and litter to help protect the community.

2. Property Values
Among the most visible benefits of street sweeping in the community is enhancing the value of real estate. A cleaner street results in better curb appeal, which can impact property values significantly.

3. Community Action Street sweeping companies provide essential jobs for tens of thousands throughout our nation. Everyone has to do their part to keep a city or neighborhood beautiful and clean. Street sweepers make a tremendous contribution to this effort, and the results are easily seen.

When you encounter a Street Sweeper operator, thank them from a safe distance for their contribution to a cleaner, nicer, and safer world.

4. Vehicle/Pedestrian Safety
Safety is of the utmost concern for all. Enhanced safety is one very important aspect of municipal cleaning. Debris in street gutters are a common contributing factor to accidents involving loss of traction. This is a serious issue with cyclists and bikers. Less debris means fewer skids, and less accidents overall.

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In the sweeping industry there are three common types of street sweeping technologies in use. To most of us, various types of street sweeper trucks may look much the same, but it is important to realize there are different technologies behind each type that are intended for different industries and purposes.

There are three common types of sweeper technology. These three are classified as either Mechanical Broom Sweepers, Regenerative Air Sweepers, and Vacuum Sweepers. While each street sweeper type has in common removing debris from pavement, they each have specific unique features and benefits for removing different types of debris and cleaning the surfaces where they are operated.

Mechanical Broom Sweepers

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Mechanical Broom Sweepers can normally be identified by the large rotating broom at the rear of the sweeper. This type of technology works by flicking the debris coming up from the paved surface onto a conveyor that pulls the debris into a hopper. Mechanical Broom Sweepers are most effective for heavier debris such as trash, sand and gravel and are not as effective for use with light and fine materials or for clearing material from cracks. Mechanical Broom Sweepers are commonly used in the construction industry for picking up heavy gravel and asphalt milling.

Vacuum Sweeper

Regenerative Air Sweeper






The easiest way to understand a vacuum sweeper is to think of it as a huge version of your household vacuum. Vacuum Sweepers commonly work by removing surface debris with a side broom that moves debris back into the pickup pattern of a high suction nozzle that frees up particulates from the surface and suctions them into an on board container. These are commonly used for municipal street sweeping to keep roadways safe and storm drains cleared. Vacuum sweepers can typically pick up nearly all particles underneath the suction nozzle-which makes them a highly effective tool for uneven roads with cracks and potholes. This type of sweeper is commonly used for edge cleaning street gutters that tend to get filled with gravel, small debris, trash and leaves.

Regenerative Air Sweeper

Regen Air






Regenerative Air Sweepers were first introduced in the middle of the 1960’s decade. This technology uses an engine powered blower that blasts air across the entire width of the sweeper. With a suction action similar to a vacuum sweeper, dirt and debris are sucked up into a hopper where the debris and dust remains while the air is cleaned by a dust separator and sent once again to the blast nozzle. This creates a closed loop cycle where the air is continuously recycled. This type sweeper is used for parking lot sweeping, street sweeping, and dust mitigation. 

Thanks to continued new innovations and improvements, street sweeping technology is constantly evolving to provide more thorough and environmentally friendly solutions. Clean Sweep is a regional industry leader providing residential, commercial and industrial sweeping services to business operations and municipalities across our region. Contact us today for your sweeping needs!  

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Better Sweeping With Skilled Operators & Specialized Equipment

Street sweepers and their operators have reached a new level of sophistication and efficiency. This is primarily due to more advanced technologies and a focus on training. At Clean Sweep, we have been hard at work continually updating our trucks, and ensuring our drivers are well trained. It is our goal to have up to date street sweeping equipment and the most skilled operators.  Our operators are prepared to confidently sweep all types of paved surfaces. Clean Sweep offers street sweeping on-demand for emergencies. We also offer flexible contract sweeping services that are safe for the environment.

Where Are Street Sweepers Needed?

Roadways, highways, interstates, bridges, off ramps, state highways, county roads, rural roads, and municipal streets all need to be regularly swept. Commercial areas also require street sweeping. These include office parks, shopping centers, retail strip malls, medical complexes, hospitals, shopping malls, industrial parks, airports, airport runways, and construction sites. It is also worth mentioning that special events like concerts, fairs and parks might also need post-event sweeping services.

Street Sweeping Equipment is Better Than Ever

Modern sweepers are durable and purpose-built for lower operating costs and increased safety. The sweeper cabs are designed for better visibility and controls are situated for best ergonomics and comfort. The more common type are broom sweepers that spray water onto the street to loosen debris and dirt. This debris and dirt is accumulated into the sweeper bin until it can be dumped. Every hard surface needs to be swept and cleaned on regular intervals.

Operators-The Linchpin of The Operation

Clean Sweep employs well trained and highly skilled operators who continually make safety the top priority. Our operators work with an advanced and well-maintained equipment. Our ability to priority dispatch on demand for emergency services make our services second to none in our region. We strive to ensure our driver operators are courteous, professional, and knowledgeable.

Since we were established, Clean Sweep has been sweeping and cleaning the streets of Chattanooga, Eastern Tennesse, and Northern Georgia. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help. Click or call 423-877-9192

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