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Clean Sweep’s headquarters is in Chattanooga, Tennessee. We are the market leader in municipal street sweeping services. We maintain a fleet of trucks for these services. Along with roadway sweeping, we provide every aspect of street and road maintenance including pothole repair and striping. As a city planner or municipal manager, it is imperative to ensure your community has a clean and safe infrastructure. See how Clean Sweep can provide this for your residents and visitors.

Municipal Street Sweeping Services

Our street and roadway sweeping services include removal of dirt, debris, and hazardous waste including pollutants. By using industrial sweeping methods, we are able to remove trash, sediment and other materials from streets. This keeps these pollutants out of city waterways and helps ensure clean drinking water downstream.

Clean Sweep also specializes in storm water management, which is paramount for cities with flood mitigation needs. Through storm water management, we help keep water systems flowing to prevent flooding. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, especially during storms to help our customers manage waterways and streets.

Our commercial parking lot maintenance and cleaning services are available in the following cities:

Clean Sweep’s mission to help municipalities provide residents and businesses with clean and safe streets and waterways. Allow us extend our dependable services to your municipality. Contact Clean Sweep, Inc. today for street and roadway sweeping services.


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