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Dirt and build up quickly ruins the appearance of buildings and can also lead to costly damages down the road. Power pressure washing is the most economical way to efficiently clean the exterior of buildings, sidewalks and pavement. At Clean Sweep, Inc., we provide comprehensive retail, industrial, and commercial pressure washing services to bring the life back to your investments. Choose our power pressure washing service to give your retail or commercial location a facelift today.

Commercial Power Washing Benefits

We use a heat-assisted pressure washer with a water temperature that reaches 200 degrees Fahrenheit and has 3000 psi. This outstanding combination is ready to tackle even the toughest of industrial-size messes. By choosing our commercial power washing service in southeastern Tennessee and northern Georgia, we provide the following:

  • Removal of dirt and grime from parking lots
  • Gum removal from pavement and asphalt
  • Mold and mildew removal
  • Cleaning of sidewalks and curbs

Our retail, industrial, and commercial pressure washing services are available in the following cities:

Clean Sweep Inc. will cover your power pressure washing needs throughout all four seasons. Contact Clean Sweep, Inc. today to get started with our commercial power washing services.

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